Cabled Data infrastructure and strong WiFi is the backbone of any Integrated Audio Visual system!

The functionality of the technology in your home relies on good data communication. Whether it be the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ideally cabled connections, the quality of your data network is essential to the overall performance of your residential technology system.

Often home owners will spend a significant investment on the purchase and installation of fantastic, brand-name technology with the expectation of enjoying a high-quality of audio, video and data connectivity, only to find that the supporting data network is inadequate resulting in intermittent and unreliable functionality.

It is essential that all aspects of a technology system’s requirements are considered from the outset and that the data network is over specified to allow for any additional draw against the networks resources by remote devices (such as mobile phones, iPad, laptops etc.) or other networkable systems within the environment.

For this reason at iAV we spend a great deal of effort in carefully planning and installing a cabled data infrastructure that will comfortably support the system architecture and meet our client’s needs now as well as in the future. From the selection of your internet service provider to the protection of sensitive data, security and access control, quality of cabling, WIFI access points; iAV’s expert consultants will assess your bespoke requirements and recommend the ideal solution.

If you are considering upgrading your audio visual and/or home technology systems please contact us to arrange a free quotation, including a thorough assessment of your data network capabilities.